Heirloom Album

I was recently meeting with a Senior and we were having a great time, talking hair, makeup and how session details when her mom asks "So what exactly do we do with Senior Pictures!?". Well, let me tell you one of my favorite ways to use your images! There is something about putting your images together in a book. It tells a story about that 17-year-old you, living your best life. No other time moment in time is quite like that last year of high school, soon you will be off living out your big dreams, chasing the sun and growing into an even more amazing person. But for now, you are you, lovely and accomplished. Graduating after 12 long years of learning, and THAT my friend, deserves to be documented. Video and pictures of pictures can't do justice to the real-life look and feel of this album, but I wanted to share what our Heirloom Album is! If you look closely you will see that I somehow made it into Eva's Senior album! Thanks, Eva! ;) And if you haven't had a chance to see all of Eva's session be sure and check it out HERE.

Forever Young & Free Heirloom Album.
Eva Jane Album-1.JPG
Eva Jane Album-6.JPG
Forever Young & Free Heirloom Album.
Eva Jane Album-4.JPG
Eva Jane Album-2.JPG
Heirloom Album. Forever Young & Free Senior Photography