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Let’s Talk Fashion


Happy New Year! It’s 2019, it’s Senior Year and it is time to get styled! I love shooting almost as much as I love dressing up and fashion, so let’s talk trends and outfits ok?! So when I am not dreaming up my next big shoot, I am scrolling instagram, flipping through magazines and reading all the blogs. This way when we plan your Senior Portrait Session we will have a TON of styling ideas to pull from! I am looking to create a one of kind session so you are can feel FREE TO BE YOU! So here we go, I am launching my first ever FOREVER YOUNG & FREE take on the trends for 2019. Ok, Ready? Lets see what the year has for us.



First up in 2019 we have the color of the year. Which is…drumroll….Living Coral!!! This is such a good spring and summer color and if you combine a pastel coral with some bright neon color you can keep it fresh and young

Abbie Esterline-41.JPG
Abbie Esterline-46.JPG


Helllllllooo there, ok animal prints are IN the house! Twenty Nineteen might be the year of the pig, but animal prints are going to be my personal favorite and can really spice up an outfit! Seriously give me all the prints K! Some of my favorite ways to wear this would be a cute heel or booties. Pair them up with leather pants or jeans OR if you are feeling like making a statement with your outfit this this super soft faux fur oversized bomber is a must! LOVE!

Shop:  Swoon

Shop: Swoon

Shop:  Swoon

Shop: Swoon

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Picture Source/Shop: Amazon


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Picture Source/Shop: Amazon


BEIGE is what’s happening and it is all thanks to the one and only KIM K, or maybe we should thank Kanye?! It’s all about beige and beige and it is a trend I feel we will be seeing ALL over this coming year. Pair a cute dress with a beige duster or you can layer with different textures to stand out. I love how natural this look is and when paired with different textures or even cream this trend and is just a timeless way to follow the trends.


You heard me. The sock is back baby! Socks and shoes have not been a style since saddle shoes in 1995 so we are bringing them back so you can feel free to dress up your classic bootie with and extra layer of cuteness! This is a twist on the ol’tights or nylons and I actually love how this looks and have a feeling it will be super comfy!




I’ve got to be honest, this one will be the hardest trend for me to try out, I LOVE my skinny jeans but what can you do? If you can rock a wide pant leg you gotta rock it right?!

Picture Source/Shop:  Swoon

Picture Source/Shop: Swoon

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Picture Source/Shop: Amazon

Wear them cropped for some extra “flare” tuck in a tee or cute sweater and you are ready for the run way.

So there you have it…

I am sure there are a million and one other fun fashions coming our way in 2019 so you better believe I will be all over that! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this post, maybe you are NOT a sock person but still enjoyed reading our FY&F fashion blurb. I love feedback and in 2019 my #1 goal for this blog is to bring great content. Happy Shopping…oooh and don't forget to clean out your closet and Marie Kondo the heck out of it. Its SUCH a good feeling and inspires me to LOVE my closet.

Cheers babes!