What's in my camera bag!


Hey there,

what camera do you shoot with? Oh, tale, err, question, as old as time! I get this question quite often. Well, I decided to share what my current tools for the trade are! Now, I do want to say that we are so lucky to live in such a cool technologically advance time. We don’t have to develop rolls of film in a darkroom anymore. We are not limited to however many shots are included in those rolls. And most any camera you can get today will be awesome. Here’s is my current setup, if you must know :P

The Bag

SO let’s start with the bag, ok this is seriously a no brainer and is my favorite camera bag everrrrr. I have been using it right around two years and not only does does this camera bag look but it is uber functional has a ton of movable cushioning plus like 87 pockets to keep ALL the little things I need to carry around. It’s easy to wear while I’m shooting and with the cross body strap I can easily swap lenses and keep everything I need at arms reach.


Right now I am Sony girl, I KNOW! To all the die hard Nikon and Cannon people out there please don’t be sad for me! I started out with Canon Rebel, moved on to the Nikon D700/D750 but once I picked up the Sony A9 mirrorless camera I never looked back. One of the biggest reasons to love this camera is, DOUBLE MEMORY cards so I never worry about having a corrupted card and losing images (yes, this has happened to me). Second, my camera setting appear LIVE in the viewfinder! This saves me SO much time and effort when I am shooting. Nothing is worse then taking home a camera full of blown out images. Thirdly, the super fast auto focus and Eye-AF! When we are out there shooting like runway models (insert model hair flip) I want all the shots we get to be IN perfect focus.

The Lenses

My FAVE for portrait lens is the Sony 85mm F 1.8 fixed Prime lens. This lens is perfect for Senior Portraits, and even group shots so I mainly keep the 85 on my camera!

Lastly we have the Sony SEL F 2/28. This lens I only use in very tight spaces when I still have a sense of space and perspective.

Second up! The beautiful Sigma 35mm. F1.4 lens.

This lens gives me a wide angle but it ALSO has a shallow depth of field. This makes for stunning artistic images every single time!

Memory Cards

We use the SonySF Performance 128GB as well as the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB

Like I said, this camera takes two cards so be sure and check out both links. One card can write more quickly so if you are taking bursts it can keep up with you!


Extra Juice! Don’t forget an extra battery. I always keep a charged battery in my bag just in case! Most of the time I won’t need an extra battery during a shoot but let’s face it. One day I will so it is always ready to go!

Alright guys that wraps up the gear I usually carry with me on a shoot! I am planning to do another post on lighting, props and and even more sometime soon so if you want to see more of what I am using during shoots. I would love to know what you would like to hear more about, weather that is gear, shoots, BTS, editing or more about being a model rep! Leave a comment and I will def look forward to sharing more great info with you!