Casey | Cary Academy

Now that the 2020 Senior year is kicking off I am TRYING to blog more! I have so SO so many gorgeous images and just cannot share as many as I want on social media!

Kicking this school year off with this really fun and artistic shoot we did with Casey in Charleston, South Carolina! While we are based in Raleigh. North Carolina and most of our High School Seniors are local, it was a TON of fun to explore and shoot in a new place! The vibe of Charleston was the perfect place to capture Casey’s personality. And what the heck, how do you look so absolutely perfect in EVERY shot! Also, after walking these streets for a weekend I am ready to get a second home there! Am I kidding? Yes, but kinda really putting that on my bucket list!

A few of the places we shot at were The Bennet Hotel, seriously such a picturesque hotel! The hotel rooftop, adjoining Camellias and cafe “La Patasserie” were to die for! We dropped by the local farmers market, local streets, the battery, rainbow row… basically ALL the places!

All right! Enough chit chatting, comment below and let us know what you think of this shoot! Also check out the short movie we made of her!