I can’t believe it’s Christmas Day, I blinked (I really did) and the year went by! It feels like yesterday my little family and I were enjoying the holiday, drinking yummy coffee and watching our babes rip open presents. Last Christmas we decided to stay in North Carolina and just do a simple holiday together. I don’t know if it was the holiday spirit or the extra time we had to sit around and think…. now that I think about it it may have just been way too much sugar putting my brain into planning mode. But the idea of FY&F came to life and I think it probably is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I mean besides the gift of JESUS, my beautiful baby girls and the best husband ever. So we set to work on creating FY&F!

For the last ten years I have been shooting weddings and family sessions but I knew there was something out there where I could really put my heart into. Somehow things fell into place and in under a year we put together a Forever Team 2018, a Forever Team 2019 and I can’t even believe it… but we are currently putting together an EPIC Forever Team 2020. This last year we also shot well over 30 beautiful Senior Session and far surpassed ANY and ALL expectations that I had going into this year. I want to give a HUGE thank you to an amazing Forever babes and to each and every Senior that chose FY&F! And I couldn’t have ever done it without my coffee brewing, behind the scenes tech support, creative director + calendar pushing husband. Love you Bae.

Which brings right back to the post below, CHRISTMAS! I loved shooting this sweet holiday session with our Forever Team 2019. We set up model-shop at the gorgeous Chatham Station in Cary and had a festive little hot cocoa party!

Merry Christmas babes…now lets get back to ripping open those presents.

Shoot Location/ Venue: Chatham Station Cary, North Carolina.

Anthro Inspired Monogram Mugs: Target